Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And So It Beings

How long do you think you could sit and watch a loved one be held down and beaten over and over again?  Consider also, that you have the power to stop this beating at any moment... so, how long?  a minute?  5? 30? an hour?  Everyday I turn on the television and bare witness to the destruction of millions of people both in America and abroad.  Oil spills in our rivers; uneducated, under stimulated and unchecked youth kill one another over minor disputes; depressed and disenchanted soldiers kill foreign civilians and then themselves (more suicides than combat casualties); deficit; education; War(s); Budget Crisis... need I go on? 

Most times I want to write it off and proclaim, "Its the end of the world anyway!  Jesus is coming back soon and I won't have to worry about all this!" Because as we all know the world will end in 2012 anyway right?  But what if it doesn't?  What if Armageddon has been postponed?  What if Jesus is delaying his return and the Mayan calender was a mistake?  What if humanity will be here for another thousand or even 10,000 years?  How long can we watch as Oil companies turn our water-supplies into oil deposits, as banks turn wealth into debt, and as millions starve over food shortages in one country while another country has millions of pounds of food that it is unable to sell?

Finally... how long can we watch as many of these evils are justified by the only good things we humans have to hold on too... faith in God?  Its one thing to cheat me... its another thing to cheat me and say that God told you too!  Jesus didn't tell us to kill potential enemies, he said to love them!  He didn't tell us to condemn and censor sinners, he told us to be good examples and to love them!  He didn't tell us to punish those who offend us, he told us to forgive!

And so it for me, it begins.  I cannot watch any longer.  I have a voice, a song, and a computer.  I live in a country where my little voice can be joined with countless other little voices, to create one united force that cannot be easily ignored.  I am done watching, now I will try to do something about it!

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